5 (totally random) Things I Simply Cannot Live Without

Let me start by saying that I have heard these mystical stories that bloggers get all of this free stuff and get paid to review and pimp products. This is not one of those posts. Unfortunately for me, and fortunately for you, this post is not sponsored. No one is paying me. Boo! I'm just sharing with you some stuff that I really, really love and that I think you would love too. With that out of the way, let's get to the good stuff...

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Anxiety Chronicles

Anxiety is a soul sucking whore of a beast.

I don’t know why I have anxiety. I honestly don’t remember not having anxiety. It is only recently after talking to a dear friend that overcame a brutal case of anxiety and agoraphobia that I’ve decided that I’m not accepting this shit anymore. My entire life I have accepted anxiety as part of my personality but I’m done with that. Well, I’m trying to be done with that.

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