this is me a few years ago:

a few years later i married this guy:

a few years after that we had this chick: 

we also have these two menaces:

here's what you're gonna find here - humorous twists on life like, getting slapped in the face by a child, ruining my life with $3.29, my husband embarrassing himself in a childrens hospital or when massages go wrong.

I've also been known to chat about beauty products, celebrities, recipes, decorating a home, abuse and anxiety. nothing is off limits.

Sugar Free ear candy is a "community" which means i allow readers and fellow bloggers to guest post if they want a platform for their voice to be heard. This is a place for all of us so please join in and if you want to write, let me know via the contact page. THINK OF SUGAR FREE EAR CANDY AS A LITTLE ROOM WHERE YOU CAN COME VENT, LAUGH AND GET THINGS OFF YOUR CHEST WITHOUT BEING JUDGED. 

disclaimer: sometimes naughty words and sarcasm are used here. please have a sense of humor while hanging here or you will be judged....hard.   



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