What does Sugar Free Ear Candy mean?

I'm so glad you asked! Sugar Free Ear Candy is basically a collection of no bullshit stories about my life - living with a toddler, getting slapped in the facemarriage, parenthood, surviving an abusive relationshipstumbling onto foot fetish sites, getting rocked like a baby in a massage and other fun stuff that tends to happen to me.

I don't care for sugary sweet anything. I don't like my tea sweet and I don't like things sugar coated. Give it to me raw. Perfection bores me - perfect pictures, perfect teeth, perfect kids, perfect marriage - BORING! Perfection is boring and I don't believe in it. Bring me some grit and let's talk about some stuff and find a way to laugh about it. THAT is what life is.

There are going to be toys in the background of my pictures and they are going to be taken with my iPhone because that is my reality. Some days are hard. Some days are awesome. Some days are awkward. I try to just keep it real without saying something horrible like "keeping it real".

Sugar Free Ear Candy is the place to come if you want to vent about anything or hear the truth about something. It is my unfiltered, non sugar coated ramblings for your ears. It is the No judgement - unless you smoke ciggs in the car with your kids - that's unforgivable. 

I didn't start Sugar Free Ear Candy with the goal of getting free crap. I started Sugar Free Ear Candy as my therapy. My place to vent and talk because while Camryn is amazing, a toddler isn't always the best conversationalist - she makes the conversation all about her which is a real strain on having a relationship with a two year old as a friend. 

While Sugar Free Ear Candy is 90% humor blog I also like to talk about more serious things like abuse, loss, anxiety and then to jump to the other side I also like to dabble a little with decorating - mainly before and afters because who doesn't love a good before and after?!