5 (totally random) Things I Simply Cannot Live Without

Let me start by saying that I have heard these mystical stories that bloggers get all of this free stuff and get paid to review and pimp products. This is not one of those posts. Unfortunately for me, and fortunately for you, this post is not sponsored. No one is paying me. Boo! I'm just sharing with you some stuff that I really, really love and that I think you would love too. With that out of the way, let's get to the good stuff...

Listen, I know that pale is supposed to be the new tan but it's just not. I, of ALL people, wish that it were true but it's not. A little color (not orange) just looks better. Say you've been working out like crazy and you feel like you should be seeing more results - put a tan on it and just look at how those muscles and definition pop! Say you wish you had been working out buy you haven't been and your butt looks like the top layer of a cottage cheese container - put a tan on it and just look at how good that butt looks! I can't explain it but it works. I have tried almost every single self tanner out there and this one is the best and is inexpensive. You won't end up looking like your Mom is albino and your Dad is an OompaLoompa. You won't be sticky and smell funky for hours. I get the Medium shade and it just knocks the anemic pale look off and makes ya look healthy and happy. 

Whenever I can, I get professionally sprayed by THE ONE AND ONLY: 


 but for those of you that aren't in Atlanta this is the next best thing and you can throw this one in your bag when you go to the beach to fake your tan and skip the wrinkles and sun damage. Easy peasy.


God bless the creators of Spark! I know, I know, I said I don't get discounts or paid by anyone to say all of this stuff. Technically I do get a discount on Spark BUT it's because I sell it now BECAUSE I am addicted to it so it only makes sense financially to get a discount on what you buy religiously. I cannot go a day without this stuff. It has some caffeine in it and I don't drink caffeine at all normally BUT it isn't jittery, heart racing, hyperactive energy that you feel...it is laser beam focused, some shit is about to get DONE energy. I feel like I am on a treadmill all day long chasing my little 2 year old tornado around and seriously I wouldn't be able to keep up without Spark. Chris (my husband) is a big time coffee fan and he drinks Spark every afternoon when he starts hitting the 3:00 wall. Even my Mom, who is about the most pure human on the planet, is addicted. She packed our entire house in the matter of hours thanks to this stuff. I'm considering starting a moving company and using only my Mom all Sparked out. We'd make a killin'! OH and it tastes really good! There are 8 different flavors so there is bound to be something you like. In the summer we mix a little vodka or rum in the Pink Lemonade for a little energized good time. If you've never tried it let me know and I'll send you a little pouch sample and we can be healthy Spark addicts together. You can get it right here: Buy SPARK here


This thing is awesome! It is super small so it doesn't take up a ton of space in the cabinet. It comes with little cups with handles so you can make a protein shake throw on a lid and get out the door. I also use it as a little food processor because for whatever reason I don't have one of those. It works well, it's small, it's inexpensive and I cannot live without it. Here is a link to my favorite protein shake that I have almost every single day. It is healthy, packed full of protein and delicious! 

Click here: Spinach Protein Shake Recipe

Camy likes helping me use the Magic Bullet and she actually drinks the shake...even with spinach which is a freakin' miracle.

I know I already told you about CLEAR MOOD in my previous post Anxiety Chronicles: 5 NATURAL Ways to Beat Anxiety! but now I'm telling you about it again because I honestly, really and truly I don't even want to consider going a day without it. It is natural and it makes me a more patient person. A patient pill if you will. It helps my anxiety, takes the edge off and makes me a *little* patient. I can't live without it and I won't. I had an entire study done. It was pretty intense and involved sending several viles of my saliva in to a laboratory to test my cortisol levels throughout the day. I know it sounds easy but collecting up that much spit is a LOT harder than it sounds. I spoke with the nutritionist and I told her the ingredients in Clear Mood without naming the product (she was not affiliated with Advocare, nor was the study) and she simply said, whatever that is you need to take it because Magnolia and L-theanine are exactly what you need! See. It's natural, it's inexpensive and it works. Can't.Live.Without.It.

*I am not a doctor. I don't play one on TV or anywhere else. I work based on results and my own research and trusted professionals I personally seek out. You should talk with your Doctor and make your own decisions. I am not responsible if you decide to snort an entire canister of Spark.


Sometimes I'm a little late to the game. I discovered Aquaphor only 2 years ago when I had Camy. I know. Why didn't someone tell me about this amped up vaseline? I cannot leave the house without some sort of chapstick on my lips and somehow I always find myself scrounging for something so I've ended up with 800 cheap gas station chapsticks and every other brand of lip balm. I've found that I just can't go wrong with Aquaphor. I ALWAYS use it before bed. Like a schmuck I ran around using it only on Camy's irritated rump and my dry lips and then Graciela (my mother in law) blew my mind with this under the eye, super moisturizing, wrinkle prevention bomb shell:

<insert thick Spanish accent here>

"You know the best thing for wrinkles on the eye? You knoooooow...es like vaseline, but no, es no vaseline but similar? yes."

<end thick Spanish accent> 

<insert no accent...okay, maybe a hint of a Southern accent>

Es Aquaphor?!

<end Southern accent> 


...and then I ran off to steal Camy's ointment and rubbed it all over my under eye area. I don't know if it actually works. I'm pretty sure Graciela messes with me sometimes. She knows that whenever she starts with "In myyyy country....." I'll do whatever she says because I think it's some big secret. 

So, I use it on my lips, under my eyes at night (better safe than sorry), and on Camy's booty when she gets a little irritated. 

All that being said, I am always in the market for a really good chapstick that isn't sticky or glossy so if you have something you think I should replace my Aquaphor with, PLEASE let me know!

There ya have it ladies. 5 totally random things I simply cannot live without. Think I'm missing something pretty major? Let me know!